Scott Carmichael
Frontend Web Developer


I'm Scott, an experienced frontend developer from Edinburgh, Scotland. I’m passionate about building apps with JavaScript and RESTful technologies.

At the moment I'm motivated by the inner workings of React, Angular 2, TypeScript and responsive design. As well as my own projects, I currently work as part of the Gecko Labs team in Edinburgh.


Admittedly, i'm not the most prolific blogger. I usually put something together after being frustrated by a lack of examples. My newer posts are hosted over on Medium. Having to maintain a CMS for blogging really got tiresome in the end. There's still several years worth of older content hosted here in the archive.


I enjoy my work and feel lucky to have made a career out of something I regard as a hobby. I have always worked on my own projects and ideas, it's something I love doing and have learned so much in the process. Some of these projects include:

  • The Gig Finder - a music event discovery app, built with AngularJS.
  • Mockingbird - a flexible content relationship plugin for Wordpress.
  • WaltzerJS - a versatile, easy to skin jQuery carousel plugin.
  • serializeObject - a data serializer for working with HTML forms.